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Wild Bites Pack

Wild Bites Pack

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Whether you’re looking for a small bite-sized nutritious treat or a big mouthful of a treat, our extensive product line can satisfy your pets’ cravings. We provide small, tender bite-sized packaged treats in our  MEAT line, crispy treats in our CHIPS line and larger treats with our BULK STICKS line.

All Wild Bites products are:

  • Made in Canada using the highest quality ingredients
  • Free-Range, Non-Medicated, Lean Exotic Meat and Wild Fish
  • Very high in Protein and low in Fat
  • No Fillers, Colours, Preservatives or Spices
  • Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Wheat-Free

Ingredients: Only what the title says!


This is a wholesome and fun treat for your dog. These bone-shaped treats are bite-sized and fantastic for training or for those special times to “paws” and enjoy a heart-to-heart with your best friend.


Buffalo with Blueberries are even more nutritious than our original Buffalo Minis. High in protein and natural antioxidants, our bone-shaped treats are bursting with blueberry goodness. Wild BitesTM Buffalo with Blueberries make every bite, bittersweet, every time!


Introducing our NEW freeze dried Kangaroo! These small 100% kangaroo steak morsels are a very unique source of animal protein and ideal for treating pets with food allergies. Very low in fat, high in protein, vitamins and minerals, this treat is an exceptional treat for your pet!


Because it has never been widely used in processed foods, kangaroo meat is a very unique source of animal protein and ideal for treating pets with food allergies. It is extremely low in fat and has no saturated fat.  Very high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, makes this delicious and nutritious treat a superior one for your pet!


We’ve enhanced our already healthy kangaroo product with unsweetened coconut, boosting its vitamin and mineral content even more! Still extremely low in fat and very high in iron, protein, vitamins and minerals, this product is not only a wholesome treat but the added unsweetened coconut makes it even more delicious! 


Our Ostrich and Buffalo treats are a healthy and rewarding snack that are very high in protein and low in fat. This extremely nutritious treat will have your dog begging for more!


Bursting with juicy blackberries, cranberries and blueberries, this treat is loaded with natural anti-oxidants! This nutritious combination of succulent wild berries combined with our naturally tender free-range, non-medicated ostrich and rabbit will produce a brilliant blast of berry fruit taste sensation with every bite! Your dog will love it!


We’ve added juicy fresh red cranberries to create an exceptionally savoury and succulent snack for your best friend. High in protein and natural anti-oxidants, these naturally moist and tender treats have a beneficial boost of goodness in every bite. Wild Bites Venison with Cranberries  will make your dog “berry happy” and pawing you for more every time!


Freeze-dried to retain the natural taste and nutritional components of the fish, these lovingly handcrafted treats are simply delicious in every way.  Each morsel gives a burst of flavor your dog will love!  High in protein and Omega 3 fatty acids, Wild BitesTM Wild Salmon with Unsweetened Coconut is a true delight that will keep your active pet well nourished and begging for more!